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One can easily recognize a sense of geometry, balance, harmony and gradation, most specifically logic, indicative of the analytical and scientific training in his work. But the most prevalent feature in Ron Taybi’s work is a sense of effervescence, which is declared graphically and is a common thread that weaves through the complex fabric of his style and creations.

“My highest aspiration is to fashion 3-dimensional art forms that will emanate a sense of unity and brotherhood which will permeate love within all of mankind.”—Ron Taybi

Utilizing unsurpassed craftsmanship, paired with a background in engineering, Ron Taybi creates provocative fine art, architectural art, and furniture of masterful symmetry and design. His inspirational pieces cultivate powerful international reaction. Rami Designs has evolved into the backbone of Taybi’s illustrious artistic pursuits.


Ron’s passion for universal love, peace and harmony within all of mankind is infused in his fine art creations. His use of curved design and spatial delineation creates a unique elegance, which gives every piece distinct character... View Gallery


Ron’s exclusive Architectural Art is designed to enhance the exterior aesthetics of houses, buildings and other public or private spaces. His geotechnical designs lend a modern look that combines steady structure with a sense of mobility. View Gallery


Ron’s Architectural Design provides a sense of sophistication and great admiration to the exterior and interior layout of any environment. Straying far from typical straightedge geometry, Ron manages to blend style and character using elegant... View Gallery


Ron’s architectural furniture is as diverse as the individuals for which he designs. His extensive experience with metals, glass, wood, lighting and other materials make him a master at designing fine furniture, customized to the enhance the character... View Gallery